Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Costumes

Full or partial show costume packages available with either a modern/contempory or Biblical look.

"One More Angel"

The brothers add Cowboy Hats and Boots.

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1. Full Costume Rental

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Baker and Butler

Baker: Black & White Wraparound Skirt, Black T-shirt, Scarf, Chef Hat. Butler: Black & White Tailcoat, Black T-shirt

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Biblical Costumes

Brothers and Wives wear a combination of tunics, pants or skirts, overrobes and draped headpieces. Photo from Bonita High School Chamber Singers

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Brothers in Biblical Costumes

The brothers wear colorful tunics, pants, robes and turbans.

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Calypso Number

One Brother dons White Cotton Pants & Shirt with a Panama Hat.

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Camel Costume

2 person camel costume.

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Elvis and Pharaoh Chorus

Elvis wears a gold metallic stretch lame' jeweled jumpsuit with a blue lined cape. The Egyptian court wears gold lame' jeweled collars, belts and cuffs over white Egyptian skirts. The girls have bra tops and the boys have an optional white shirt.

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Joseph's Dreamcoat & Wives

Joseph wears a Blue Satin Multicolored Quilted Coat with velvet cuffs, appliques and rainbow strip along the bottom. The Wives wear black robes & headbands with multicolored embroidery.

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Potipharettes and Potipher Guards

The Girls wear Black Velvet Corsets with 24 inch Black Fringe. Guys are in Black Confetti Dot Tail Coats and Skirts.

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Potipher and Pharaoh Guard

Potipher wears a black Tail Coat over Gold Tunic and Leopard Panel Skirt, Black Socks and Garters. The Guards wear Blue/Gold Panels over White Skirts and Collars.

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The wives wear Jewel Tone Tops and Skirts.

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